Asian Continent & Region Maps

The words Asia and Asian are used in different contexts. The whole Asian continent is a single landmass that includes Europe, the Middle East, Arab nations and Russia in addition to Asian countries.

It is a vast area stretching in latitude from above the Arctic Circle to about mid way between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere, nearly to Australia and Oceania.

There are unofficial sub-regions of West, Central, South, Southeast and East Asia, still referred to by Europeans as the 'Far East'. These regions begin about 55° East of the Prime Meridian and the Ural Mountains and extend to about 145° East to Japan. View the maps in landscape mode if possible.

The map below has less detail but clearly defines the area covered by Asia Fast Facts including Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia which are considered by some as more associated with Europe than Asia. From a tourist point of view, they are all well worth a visit.

Southeast Asia consists of a dozen countries, mostly with a tropical climate and similar or related cultures; they are popular with tourists, expats and also retirees. Below is a map that shows the region in more detail. Southeast Asia begins south and southwest of China, extending almost to Australia.

Asia Fast Facts attempts to provide details of about 40 countries and territories, including islands and archipelagoes in the Indian and Pacific Oceans known collectively as Asian nations. The people of these countries embrace many diverse cultures, traditions, religions and languages.

A visit to any part of Asia is a fascinating experience for anyone from a different part of the world. The Asia Climate page also has a map.

Hopefully this app and website will be both interesting and useful to you as a potential visitor to the region, and helps you find your way around Asia.

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